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Do You Matte?

Some pronounce it mat or even try to be fancy & say mat-te, either way, it's a yes!
Matte finishes give your face an elegant look! Especially with a smokey eye, a little blush and a dramatic pair of eyelashes. The Queen City Goddess herself was able to snag two beautiful colors from Vanteti Cosmetics in shades Future Wife & Trap Queen.

** Pro Tip: For fuller lips, use concealer to neutralize your natural lip pigmentation. Using your favorite liner, outline your desired fullness & fill in with your favorite matte lip color.

Using only one swipe, the matte liquid lipstick has enough pigmentation to last for hours! The natural fruit essences give the products an enjoyable pleasant scent. The added aloe moisturizes your lips throughout the day instead of giving a dry feeling. The product does not smudge once it dries. These "lippies" are cruelty-free and will last all day without flaking! We recommend for all beauty lovers!

Sleeping in Makeup?

Have you just wanted to sleep in your make up?
Bare minerals offers a mineral powder formulated without common irritations like parabens, fragrances and silicons that leaves it product light & does not clog pores because it does not contain oil.
Before sure to always prep your face before experimenting with  any beauty products! A clean Face is always a happy face!
Accidentally slept in your make up?  Bare Minerals Mix Exfoliate Smooth, can be added to your favorite cleanser. The botanical cocktail is enriched with chardonnay, orange zest, black rice & sea salts. Such a refreshing way to start your day!
Apply your powder like a pro. With mineral powder, you only need a little. About the amount to top off your morning latte. Just remember these three steps: Swirl, Tap, Buff
Swirl: your small amount of mineral powder brush into the cap until there is no more remaining. Tap: the side of the cap. This is the correct amount for use. Buff: Onto the skin using circular motions working fr…

Giving Shade

Skintones are more than light, medium, & dark! Here's a few tones with makeup looks to try. PorcelainIdeal hues: Ultraviolet cool vanilla shades
Undertone: Cool
**Dark/ warm shades will sallow your look**

Get This Look! Lips: Powermatte Lip Pigment Cheeks: Dandelion Twinkle Nude-Pink Eye Shadow: Vermeer (metallic pearl)
Liner: No Tug
Mascara: Tartiest Lash

BeigeIdeal hues: Soft pink, peach or coral
Undertone: Yellow
Get this look! Lips:NARSissist Velvet Lip Glide Cheeks: Confidence Glow
Eyes: Leave Your Mark
Liner: Stay All Day
Mascara: Lights Camera Action
RoseyIdeal hues: Gold & nudes
Undertone: Yellow

Get this look!
Lips: Nars Lip Gloss
Cheeks: Mad for Mauve
Eye Shadow: Dream Big
Liner: Clay Paint
Lashes: Roller Lash
HoneyIdeal hues: Mostly all colors work with your skin tone.

Undertone: Neutral 

Get this look!
Lips: Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick Cheeks: Baked Blush Eye Shadow: I Want Kandee Sweet Toffee
Lashes: Lengthening Mascara
Liner: All Day Stay
ChestnutIdeal hues: Neutral…

Get Ready, Set, Contour!

Concept Contour
When contouring, choose two products that will highlight without making you look chalky or ashy & a darker shade to add definition.
The key is to flaunt your favorite features and diminish the rest.
* Pro Tip: Always cleanse, tone, & moisturize your face daily to promote healthy skin. *
After cleansing and prepping your face, slaying your eyebrows & eye shadow, (lashes lookin bomb af, if applied). You’ll need these: (contouring palette, contour brushes, highlight brushes, blending sponge, setting powder, setting spray & golden glitter or copper glitter)
Making your highlight pop is a major key! Using your applicator (makeup brush or sponge) apply a generous amount of a yellow toned powder. Place: under eyes, bridge of the nose, & close to eyebrows & any of your favorite areas. Set phone time for 20 minutes & bake!

Darling, get ready to contour! Define your facial features by using lines to sculpt your face. Use the darker color at your temples…

Quick Beauty Fixes

3 Simple Solutions Chapped lips?
Use an exfoliate to bring your lips back to life! With a toothbrush or your finger to gently scrub the dead skin off your lips until smooth. Don't worry its a sugar and oil base & safe to eat. OR wash off, whichever suits you. (I lick it off) Then, apply your favorite lip balm or gloss.

Organic Lip Exfoliate
Lip Kit

 Puffy eyes?

Rub ice underneath the eye for about seven seconds before applying eye serum. 

 Want smooth feeling skin?
For 2-3 weeks apply a body scrub after bathing from the neck to the feet in the shower. Rub in circular motions for about 2-3 minutes. Rinse off, towel dry, and apply body butter.  
Organic Exfoliate Body Butter

Perfect Winged-Eyed Look!

Make Up Must Have!

I was surprised to find a great liquid eyeliner with a pen to create the perfect look! The Shot-in Leopard Bottle of 2 in 1 Black Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner and Pen that I found on amazon has to be the best one I use. The rhinestone catches your eye when you notice the spotted design. When your ready to use, unscrew the leopard are of the product. Its felt tip applicator allows smooth lines with one stroke! Missed a spot? The top pops off to reveal the pen applicator. The pen applies like a little crayon which allows quick touch ups, if needed. I love this is a beginner friendly product! So if your a make up newbie, its one for your make up bag!

Click to purchase:
Beauty Blender