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The Bohemian Look

Know Your Eyebrows!

 3 rules for shaping, tweezing, and perfecting!

Determine your shape! 
  1. Grab an eyeliner and place the pen vertically alongside your nostril. Follow the line up to your brow and mark the spot. Here is where the hairs should start.
  2. Next, angle the pencil toward the outer edge of your iris. Again, follow the lineup and mark the spot. This is where your arch should be. 
  3. Finally, angle the pencil to line up with the outer corner of your eye and mark the point on your brow. Here is where the tail should end. Now fill in your "ideal"  shape with the liner. 
Tweeze Strays Sparingly
To preserve fullness, stand in front of your bathroom mirror and tweeze one hair at a time, using the area your filled as your guide. After every three hairs, take a deep breathe, step back and analyze your entire face.  This way you'll be able to see what other hairs need to be removed.

 Finish With Makeup

Bald Spot: Use a thick brow putty.
Gray or  Fine and Thin:  Use brow mascara.
Darken: Use brow powder.
Control or Hold: Use clear brow gel.

Tools needed: 

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